Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"Spiderman 3"

Even worse than "Spiderman 2".

Seriously... If you seek anything in a movie other than special effects then look away. And even then, this crams in so much story that it's ultra-swift pace leaves even the action sequences unsatisfying. Each scene feels like its sole purpose is to get out of the way quickly so the next scene can begin, and much of the story flat-out makes no sense. Who is this bad Spidey guy? And why is he pointing at chicks? Toby Maguire is just awful. But I think I get it... This entire franchise is marketed to the kiddies, hence all of the random cutaways to children in the streets watching Spidey. But come on... why are all these kids walking around New York City alone?! And at night too! The "Mighty Ducks" trilogy is better than this crap.