Monday, February 5, 2007

“World Trade Center”

Should have been called “Rescue 9-1-1”

Seriously… Its title sounds fairly imposing. However, rather than making a grand statement on a catastrophic American event or coloring the issue with politics, “World Trade Center” smartly maintains a narrow focus in subject by concentrating on the lives and experiences of its 2 main characters and their families. It’s really a film about survival and love with 9/11 as the backdrop. Not a bad hand from Director Oliver Stone who can also be known for the eccentric. It’s also reassuring to see Nic Cage cast in a good role, and one that actually portrays an authentic blue-collar New Yorker. Or is it just the mustache?


spf said...

Didn't see it, don't know if I will. You should see United 93.

Man with a Van said...

yes, Manwithavan should.

Anonymous said...

Yawn. This movie was boring. Not nearly as good as I anticipated.