Thursday, August 2, 2007


The Anti-Hollywood. And good.

Seriously… For ONE, There is no swooning alpha-male hero. Jake Gyllenhaal is a nerdy cartoonist who never grows out of his shell, Mark Ruffalo is an understated Inspector, and Robert Downey Jr. is a neurotic print reporter. TWO, there are no real female roles. Chloe Sevigny has the only significant screen time and she's relegated to a helpless housewife. And THREE, the story is rather unconventional. Unlike the title’s suggestion, this film is really about a few people who become obsessed by the Zodiac and their ensuing triumphs and defeats. Once you stop expecting the typical Hollywood fare, it’s easy to appreciate Director David Fincher's "The Zodiac" as a welcome change to the usual, unrealistic, predictable crap.

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