Sunday, April 1, 2007

"Happy Feet"

This one’s for the kids. And that’s about it.

Seriously… Unless you’re a small child or a parent of one, this film serves little purpose. “Happy Feet” is essentially a super-extended music video starring animated penguins, who are unanimated creatures to begin with. To its credit the artwork is stunning. Unfortunately, the musical numbers are awful and the story doesn’t take form until the 70th minute when Mumble finally decides to do something with his life, turning the film all badass-“The Lord of The Rings”. Mumble, voiced by Elijah Wood, AKA Frodo, sets off on a treacherous journey with his hobbit-sized penguin buddies across lands never before waddled, directly into the hands of imminent danger. For this brief moment, the film reaches the dramatic heights of a “Finding Nemo”, but quickly recedes back into the depths of a hellish musical underworld I’d rather forget. Sorry, kids.


Anonymous said...

You were right about one thing... penguins suck balls.

Anonymous said...

I am your friend... but I need more of a commitment from you.