Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"The Darjeeling Limited"

Wes Anderson is 5 for 5.

Seriously... Director Wes Anderson crafts yet another terrifically impressive film; this one the tale of 3 brothers who set out across India on a spiritual journey, even if on their own terms. And all 3 leads (Owen Wilson, Jason Schwartzman, & Adrien Brody) turn in solid performances backed by the film's best attribute-- its writing, which is clever, creative, fun, funny, and even very self-aware. Just one thing... ManwithaVan could have done without all those unmotivated slow-mo shots pretentiously set to rock tunes, which only detract from the film's otherwise strong sense of style. Why's Wes always gotta be doin' that crap?

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Denise said...

why do you like everything lately? are you on drogas??? seriously, i love wes anderson. in fact, i adore his films. but this one was just a pointless journey of slo-mo shots of his 4 stars. i mean yeah ok - there were warm fuzzy moments...but they didn't mean anything. manwithavan, pass the hookah...