Sunday, November 25, 2007

"Michigan vs. Ohio State: The Rivalry"

Should have been called "Bo vs. Woody: The Ten Year War"

Seriously... ManwithaVan could not have been more enthused for a documentary Ohio State Football (and their 110 year-old border rivalry with those nancy-boys from Ann Arbor). While this HBO doc is a fine introduction to the greatest rivalry in sports as well as an historic memento for its followers, it can be mighty glossy and shallow at times. "Rivalry's" brightest segment is its in-depth coverage of the "Ten Year War" between famed head coaches Bo Schembechler (in interview footage shortly before his death) and Woody Hayes (in footage of his infamous conniption fits). But this leaves little room for much else, including any meaningful exploration of the contemporary culture that “The Game” has spawned.

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