Thursday, January 18, 2007


I think the term is “Beautiful Disaster.”

Seriously… Selma Hayek + Penelope Cruz, the perfect recipe for success, right? Especially when you factor in the lack of clothing. Unfortunately, the film fails on just about every other level, and miserably so. This troubled, straight-to-video release boasts an incomprehensible script that makes Disney TV movies look brilliant and a supporting cast that simply did not show up to work. I mean was this filmed in 2 days? It was so bad that I barely made it through the whole thing, and when I did I felt a sickness and a deep regret I haven’t felt since “Fat Albert.” I can only imagine how disappointed the girls must have been when they saw it for the first time too… poor, poor things. There, now.


Anonymous said...

Is there nudity in this?

Man with a Van said...

YES... but not female.