Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"Mission: Impossible III"

Tom Cruise is insane… the good kind.

Seriously… So he jumps on couches, he marries strangers, and he might secretly play for the Northern Vermont softball league… Who cares? The bottom line is this: He is an Actor through and through. It’s what he knows and it’s what he does; and he’s not bad. As Star and Producer on all 3 “Mission: Impossible” films there is no doubt that he regards the series as his pet-projects and his real-life babies. In M:i:III Mr. Cruise simply exerts himself to the max and gives the paying public a whopping 150% of Tom! Notice the Chinese canal sequence where he is running so fast and hard he could have gone straight through a brick wall. This guy loves his work and he leads the way every step of the way in a very action-packed action film.

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