Sunday, January 28, 2007

“V for Vendetta”

Hey buddy, lose the mask and shut up.

Seriously... “V for Vendetta” boldly explores a dark political world that sometimes resembles an ideal frighteningly close to our own. Great material, right? But too much of the story is delivered in tedious monologues and philosophical rants by the title character, V, who has a goofy mask fixed to his face. So you spend half of the movie staring at an inanimate object preaching to you… or is that the point? I don’t care. The fact that V is played by bad boy Hugo Weaving doesn’t even alleviate this. Natalie Portman, however, provides a gutsy performance and a welcome change from that Padme crap. And John Hurt never hurts.


Anonymous said...

I think V for Vendetta demonstrated guts and glory in mocking American politics, or shall we say the "superpower" of the world. It kicks the bush administration up the ass! V also sends a message for the youngsters of America to snap out of their politically sluggish trance and become proactive in government. I dig it even with the creepy mask :)

Man with a Van said...

looks like our anonymous commenter wears a mask too... stand up!