Friday, January 19, 2007


Without Penelope, who really cares?

Seriously… Director Pedro Almodovar delivers an elegant film with compassionate themes that can be lighthearted, comical, serious, and sorrowful. That’s nice, I guess. But if sweet-pea Penelope is not baking this cake, then I don’t know how far I make it. It’s like taking a cab ride around Dayton, Ohio (nothing wrong with that), but then Penelope Cruz is your driver… not a bad deal, eh? In “Volver” we are often up-close and personal with our leading lady and she rarely lets us down, except to read the subtitles. Suggested title for a sequel: “Volver Returns.”

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Anonymous said...

Almodóvar has the amazing talent of cutting the tortuous plot of a dramatic Spanish Novella and pasting it into a two hour film. But I think Volver deserved more novella time...after all, it is dealing with the deep dark secrets of women :)